Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Flight of the Falcon - Daphne Du Maurier

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            It’s time for a new review. This book is full of suspense a twisting tale of truth and lies, family secrets and neighborhood scandals. It is The Flight of the Falcon by Daphne Du Maurier.

            Armino Fabbio is a courier with the Sunshine Tours out of Genoa, Italy. His life’s work consists of betting his driver on how long it will take to get from one city to another and showing gawking tourists all the beauty Italy has to offer. He enjoys his job but he’s restless. Then the murder occurs. What’s worse is Armino is almost sure it’s his fault. Worse than that, he is almost sure he knew the woman. Armino is the only member of his family left (after his father died in a prison camp, his brother was shot down in the war, and his mother passed away of illness) but he must go back to his old hometown of Ruffano to hopefully find some of the people who lived there when he was a boy and find out about this woman who was murdered. What Armino will find when he reaches Ruffano will be more than he believed could even be possible.


            Okay readers, I really enjoyed the overall story. If you are a Daphne Du Maurier fan, you will definitely want to make sure that you read this book. The twists and turns are shocking and the fine line between genius and insanity is blurred beyond recognition. However, there are a few things that you’ll want to know before you start reading.

            First, there is the little matter of confusion. You will have to pay attention to what is happening in the book because from time to time it gets a little confusing. There were times that I really wasn’t sure how certain details fit or where we were going with what I was reading.

            Second, there are the parts that are inappropriate to younger readers. There are places throughout the book where sex is the topic of focus. There is a lot of conversation about an affair between two of the characters. Also, the character Carla Raspa (a major player throughout the book) has several partners including several attempts to seduce the main hero, Armino Fabbio. These topics are not suitable for younger readers and parents should exercise caution when deciding whether to let their child read this book.

            Third and finally, is the issue with religion. The characters in this book have hostility towards God and express it many times in the book. At one point one character decides that God does not exist. Mature readers will be able to deal with it but I do not recommend it for less mature readers (it is at this point that I must say that maturity is not tied to age so parents please use discretion when allowing children tweens and teens to read this book or when recommending it to your adult friends and family).

            I recommend this book for mature, adult fans of Daphne Du Maurier. I do not recommend this book for immature adults, or young people because of the consistent themes of hostility towards God and sex.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Suitable Wife (Ladies In Waiting) by Louise M. Gouge

Hello Bookworms!
        I thank you all for being so patient with me during my absence! As some of you know I am a college student and this past semester has been extremely hectic leaving me no time read many new books and even less time to blog about them. BUT! I am happy to say that I passed the semester and now I am back to blogging with new reviews! I’d like to start with a sweet summer romance that I read during this summer A Suitable Wife by Louise M. Gouge.


          Lady Beatrice Gregory is beautiful, eligible, but poor thanks to the gambling habit her brother developed. That’s why her first season in London is being spent as Mrs. Parton’s companion. Beatrice wants nothing more than to be able to have the wonderful season that her dear, departed mother had always promised her. Beatrice wants to find a husband. But how she can do that without offending her patroness, Mrs. Parton, she does not know. Therefore Beatrice is resigned to give up on her dreams of marriage and enjoy the season as Mrs. Parton’s companion only.

          Lord Greystone is the eldest of three brothers. And the only one who remains unmarried much to his mother’s frustration. Lord Greystone looks at the happy and blessed marriages of his two brothers and hopes to have that himself. But he is afraid to try. Lord Greystone’s father was a man with a temper and he took it out on his family. Lord Greystone’s biggest fear is that he is more like his father than he realizes. After all when he was a younger there was that one incident…

          Both of these people find love during the season in London. How? With Whom? Find out in A Suitable Wife by Louise M. Gouge!


        Readers I LOVED this book!!!! Mrs. Gouge masterfully tells a tale of suspense, secrets, and love that will keep readers interested from beginning to end.

          One of my favorite parts of the book is the relationship that both main characters have with the Lord. Mrs. Gouge meshes what the characters are dealing with on the outside with their internal monologue between themselves and the Lord so well that it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the book nor does it seem out of place. In particular one of my favorite prayers is when Lord Greystone is thinking about whom he should marry and then in two short sentences puts all of his worry and trust back into the Lord’s hands by praying “Lord Thou knowest whom I should marry. I pray Thee, do make haste and bring her across my path.” Then Greystone chooses to concentrate on other things and let the Lord work it out. What a beautifully written example on how we should deal with all the concerns in our lives.

          Another favorite part of the book is when the main characters are attending the play Hamlet. As the actor performs the famous “To Be or Not To Be” speech as Hamlet, Mrs. Gouge weaves the lines from the play and Lord Greystone’s thoughts together so that the lines from the speech mirror that of Lord Greystone’s feelings and as Lord Greystone reflects on those words and we follow his internal monologue we get a deeper sense of the conflict inside of the character. A page later, Mrs. Gouge does the same thing with Lady Beatrice’s character by giving us a deeper understanding of Lady Beatrice’s internal struggle through the characters of Hamlet’s Queen Gertrude and Ophelia during the announcement of Ophelia’s death. Never before have a I seen an author do such an amazing job of tying a classical piece on literature into a new work so that it added so much to the new work.

          I would certainly recommend this book to anyone. I would also recommend looking at Louise M. Gouge’s other works Love Thine Enemy, The Captain’s Lady, At the Captain’s Command, A Proper Companion (Ladies In Waiting).

          Now when most people hear “summer romance read” they think of those steamy romance books that include a lot of sex that most people would be embarrassed to admit they read (which is probably why they read it while on summer vacation while everyone they know is back home haha!). That’s not the case with A Suitable Wife. A Suitable Wife is published by Love Inspired Books. Love Inspired Books lives up to its name by publishing romance stories that are based on love not lust. So, if your tween or teen wants to be a part on the summer romance reading craze, these books would be perfect for them. The look and length of the books and the stories inside are the same but with better values.


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