Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Rogue's Reform by Regina Scott

Hello Bookworms,

            Summertime is upon us, and for many bookish vacationers that means deciding what deliciously engaging read to pack up and take with you on your trip! For me, a good regency, victorian, or Edwardian love story is just the thing!! And Regina Scott has written an incredible one for the Love Inspired Historical line known as The Everard Legacy! Over the next few weeks, I intend to bring you a review of all of these books! Let’s start at number one, The Rogue’s Reform!


            Jerome Everard, his brother Richard, and cousin Vaugh were all raised by their uncle Arthur Everard. Lord Everard was a man who ruined the reputation of the Everard name. Jerome spent his life working hard to make sure that the Everard legacy (money, estates, ships, and the like) was protected and prosperous, all the while knowing he would one day inherit the bulk of it as his Childless uncle’s heir. But when their uncle dies unexpectedly, Jerome’s expectations are shattered when they are told that Arthur indeed had a child, by a legal marriage, making her the heir over Jerome. Believing this to be a scandalous falsehood created by a goldigging child and her scheming governess, Jerome and his brother and cousin rush to their uncle’s home in Cumberland to expose the women for the liar’s they are. When he and his companions arrive at the grand home, while they will find answers to their questions about the girl and her governess, the questions surrounding their uncle’s death will only multiply.


            This series has turned out better than I ever expected!! This is waaaaay more than your boy meets girl, one of them falls in love, something happens to jeopardize said love, all is well again, story! There is love, yes (otherwise it probably wouldn’t have made it into to the Love Inspired Historical line up), but there are also two extremely intriguing mysteries running at the same time!! One will be resolved in this book, one will carry over to the next book (The Captain’s Courtship, which I reviewed  here after accidently reading the first and second books out of order).

            The characters that Mrs. Scott writes in Jerome, Richard, Vaughn, Samantha, Adele, and the Dowager are very well developed. Their emotions are real and yet add to rather than take away from the story! The inclusion of the characters faith and crises of faith is extremely well done too. There is introspection, prayer, and use of scripture in this book that are well timed, well used, and neither slow down, nor detract from, the overall story. In some faith-based love stories, it feels like we have had to pause the story to include a lesson in faith or discussion of faith, but with Mrs. Scott’s writing, it is natural and fits the flow of the story. I find I extremely admired that throughout the series. If you are not religious, that’s okay, I think that the mysteries you are trying to solve will most likely engage you anyway.

            There is also some comedy. There are witty quips and surprising moments that were very well-written and, had I not been trying to be quiet for the people around me, I would have literally laughed out loud. I also like that the women in her stories are not silly damsels, creating more problems that they help solve. These women are brilliant (even if a little petulant or quirky at times). They are paragons. They are not the giggling, harping, brain deprived of oxygen by their corsets, women that some put in their old English love stories. It was an empowering set of female characters to read. Bravo, Mrs. Scott!

            By the end of the book, I was chomping at the bit to read the next one! So I did! (I have to admit, I was very glad to find out that these books are a series!) So, be on the lookout, in the next week, you’ll find another review of another Everard Legacy Book!!

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           Lizzie <3

Friday, April 15, 2016

Firestorm by Andrew Lane!!

Hello Bookworms!,

         I have a book review for you today! This one is another book in a series that I have been reading (in between other things ;) ). Today we return to the Young Sherlock Holmes series written by Andrew Lane! The installment? Fire Storm!



          In Fire Storm by Andrew Lane, young Sherlock's friend and her father have vanished. Their house looks as if nobody has ever lived in it; the neighbors claim never to have heard of them. Sherlock begins to doubt his sanity, until a clever clue points him to Scotland. Following that clue leads him into a mystery that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers, and a man who claims he can raise the dead. Only the budding detective Sherlock can untangle the mind-bending--and dangerous--puzzles that ensnare his friends. Think you know Sherlock Holmes? Think again! (Summary obtained from Amazon.com)


          I am completely serious when I say that I have not yet read a book in this series that I have not thoroughly enjoyed (and that includes the ones I’ve read since Fire Storm!) Andrew Lane has a way of creating an intricate mystery, whose solution borders on the absolutely unbelievable! And yet, all the intertwined details work! There’s no way that the mysteries are not solved exactly how Lane tells us they are! These mysteries test the boundaries of the famous Sherlock Holmes quote “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”. And be warned, the truth in these cases is as “improbable” as it gets!! But that’s what makes it an adventure!

          I was almost put off by the storyline about ghosts. I am not a fan of the paranormal as an explanation for anything, but reader, trust me when I say, keep reading ghosts and all!! It is well worth it!

          These books are the perfect thing to keep your mind engaged and entertained no matter your age! As I have said before, I feel that these books are PERFECT for boys who don’t like to read because “reading is boring”. These stories are FAR from boring! They are also probable what one would look for to engage dyslexic readers. There is always something of interest to keep pushing them to read just one more page.

          Fire Storm by Andrew Lane was so entertaining and mind-boggling that my only complaint was that it ended so soon! But don’t be sad that Fire Storm has ended! That just means you can move forward to the other books in the series! Read Fire Storm by Andrew Lane! You won’t be disappointed.

Buy a copy of Fire Storm


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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Books to Pull You Out of the Downton Abbey "Show-Hole"!

Hello Bookworms,

          We’ve all seen the commercial, where the announcer talks about seeing the “final, final credits” and that you enter the “show hole” where “the struggle could not BE more real”. Many of you Downton Abbey fans out there (myself included) are anticipating this show hole when the series comes to an end in a few weeks. Well, I have some suggestions for a much needed round of book therapy to help you through the Downton’s Ended Slump!

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey by Lady Fiona Carnarvon

          For those of you who really love the series and every thing about it, you know that Lady Fiona Carnarvon in the Countess of Carnarvon, the current Lady of Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey was shot! Well, she has written a book about the history of the real Earl of Carnarvon during the time period that Downton Abbey is set! You will be interested to know that some of the details of their lives seem very reminiscent of the lives of the characters in Downton Abbey J .

Lady Catherine, The Earl, and the Real Downton Abbey by Lady Fiona Carnarvon

          If one book isn’t enough, The Countess of Carnarvon has gifted us with two!! Go to the next generation of the family that owned and ran Highclere Castle and see what new adventures and surprises are in store!!

Still need more from Highclere? Read my interview with Lady Fiona Carnarvon!

The Love and Inheritance Novels by Fay Wheldon

          For those of you who don’t know, Fay Wheldon wrote the pilot for the hugely popular Upstairs Downstairs. But that and many novels and popular advertising slogans aren’t all she wrote. Fay Wheldon wrote a trilogy of novels that are a lot like Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs (they even span a similar time period as Downton Abbey). Full of love, money, and good old "rich aristocrat" family drama, I’ve put this series on my TBR list because I think it’s sure to be a hit (although you can trust I'll tell you in my reviews if they're not! ;) )!

Check out Book One in The Love and Inheritance Novels!

So there you go! Dig yourself out of that show hole and invest in some much needed book therapy with these fun novels! Happy Reading!

Until Next Time,

             Lizzie <3

Friday, January 15, 2016

Guilt Free Shopping for the Book Obsessed!

Hello bookworms,

        We’ve all done it. It’s part of being a book lover. We fall in love with a particular series so we buy every piece of memorabilia ever made: the movies, the “I <3 MR DARCY” T-shirts, the scarves printed with text from the book, the jewelry, the tote bags, and everything else you find immediately goes on your “WANT!” list! We feel a little guilty for spending the money but the stuff is SO COOL!  Well, I’ve found out about a company where you can buy loads of bookish items guilt free because your proceeds are helping spread books and the love of reading!

        Out of Print Clothing is a charity company bringing you the fun bookish stuff you love and bringing books to impoverished people in Africa!

What do they do?

        Out of Print Clothing looks through stacks of books at libraries and bookstores to find classics and curiosities. The books are then converted into the products that they sell (don’t panic! It’s not the actual books, its copies of the cover art, etc.). Out of Print Clothing has all sorts of book memorabilia including clothing, accessories, stationary, and more! All for very reasonable prices! Cool right?!?!?!?!

Their Mission?

        How does this translate into guilt-free buying? Buying products from Out of Print Clothing helps spread the gift of reading! Out of Print Clothing is partnered with Books for Africa! Every Out of Print purchase made makes it possible to donate one book through Books for Africa! In other words, you’ll get a cool piece of bookish memorabilia and give a book to a person in Africa at the same time! 

It’s great for personal buying, or giving a gift to a loved one that gives back!

I bought a tote at my local bookstore from the company for just $17!  It’s printed with the cover art from a publishing of Pride and Prejudice (one of my all-time favorite stories!).

You can see a picture of it here!

You can find Out of Print Clothing products in bookstores or online at www.outofprintclothing.com!

Find out about great deals by following them at @OutofPrintTees on Twitter!

Happy Shopping!

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                Lizzie <3