Friday, January 15, 2016

Guilt Free Shopping for the Book Obsessed!

Hello bookworms,

        We’ve all done it. It’s part of being a book lover. We fall in love with a particular series so we buy every piece of memorabilia ever made: the movies, the “I <3 MR DARCY” T-shirts, the scarves printed with text from the book, the jewelry, the tote bags, and everything else you find immediately goes on your “WANT!” list! We feel a little guilty for spending the money but the stuff is SO COOL!  Well, I’ve found out about a company where you can buy loads of bookish items guilt free because your proceeds are helping spread books and the love of reading!

        Out of Print Clothing is a charity company bringing you the fun bookish stuff you love and bringing books to impoverished people in Africa!

What do they do?

        Out of Print Clothing looks through stacks of books at libraries and bookstores to find classics and curiosities. The books are then converted into the products that they sell (don’t panic! It’s not the actual books, its copies of the cover art, etc.). Out of Print Clothing has all sorts of book memorabilia including clothing, accessories, stationary, and more! All for very reasonable prices! Cool right?!?!?!?!

Their Mission?

        How does this translate into guilt-free buying? Buying products from Out of Print Clothing helps spread the gift of reading! Out of Print Clothing is partnered with Books for Africa! Every Out of Print purchase made makes it possible to donate one book through Books for Africa! In other words, you’ll get a cool piece of bookish memorabilia and give a book to a person in Africa at the same time! 

It’s great for personal buying, or giving a gift to a loved one that gives back!

I bought a tote at my local bookstore from the company for just $17!  It’s printed with the cover art from a publishing of Pride and Prejudice (one of my all-time favorite stories!).

You can see a picture of it here!

You can find Out of Print Clothing products in bookstores or online at!

Find out about great deals by following them at @OutofPrintTees on Twitter!

Happy Shopping!

Until Next Time,

                Lizzie <3

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