Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Rogue's Reform by Regina Scott

Hello Bookworms,

            Summertime is upon us, and for many bookish vacationers that means deciding what deliciously engaging read to pack up and take with you on your trip! For me, a good regency, victorian, or Edwardian love story is just the thing!! And Regina Scott has written an incredible one for the Love Inspired Historical line known as The Everard Legacy! Over the next few weeks, I intend to bring you a review of all of these books! Let’s start at number one, The Rogue’s Reform!


            Jerome Everard, his brother Richard, and cousin Vaugh were all raised by their uncle Arthur Everard. Lord Everard was a man who ruined the reputation of the Everard name. Jerome spent his life working hard to make sure that the Everard legacy (money, estates, ships, and the like) was protected and prosperous, all the while knowing he would one day inherit the bulk of it as his Childless uncle’s heir. But when their uncle dies unexpectedly, Jerome’s expectations are shattered when they are told that Arthur indeed had a child, by a legal marriage, making her the heir over Jerome. Believing this to be a scandalous falsehood created by a goldigging child and her scheming governess, Jerome and his brother and cousin rush to their uncle’s home in Cumberland to expose the women for the liar’s they are. When he and his companions arrive at the grand home, while they will find answers to their questions about the girl and her governess, the questions surrounding their uncle’s death will only multiply.


            This series has turned out better than I ever expected!! This is waaaaay more than your boy meets girl, one of them falls in love, something happens to jeopardize said love, all is well again, story! There is love, yes (otherwise it probably wouldn’t have made it into to the Love Inspired Historical line up), but there are also two extremely intriguing mysteries running at the same time!! One will be resolved in this book, one will carry over to the next book (The Captain’s Courtship, which I reviewed  here after accidently reading the first and second books out of order).

            The characters that Mrs. Scott writes in Jerome, Richard, Vaughn, Samantha, Adele, and the Dowager are very well developed. Their emotions are real and yet add to rather than take away from the story! The inclusion of the characters faith and crises of faith is extremely well done too. There is introspection, prayer, and use of scripture in this book that are well timed, well used, and neither slow down, nor detract from, the overall story. In some faith-based love stories, it feels like we have had to pause the story to include a lesson in faith or discussion of faith, but with Mrs. Scott’s writing, it is natural and fits the flow of the story. I find I extremely admired that throughout the series. If you are not religious, that’s okay, I think that the mysteries you are trying to solve will most likely engage you anyway.

            There is also some comedy. There are witty quips and surprising moments that were very well-written and, had I not been trying to be quiet for the people around me, I would have literally laughed out loud. I also like that the women in her stories are not silly damsels, creating more problems that they help solve. These women are brilliant (even if a little petulant or quirky at times). They are paragons. They are not the giggling, harping, brain deprived of oxygen by their corsets, women that some put in their old English love stories. It was an empowering set of female characters to read. Bravo, Mrs. Scott!

            By the end of the book, I was chomping at the bit to read the next one! So I did! (I have to admit, I was very glad to find out that these books are a series!) So, be on the lookout, in the next week, you’ll find another review of another Everard Legacy Book!!

Until next time,

           Lizzie <3