Sunday, April 27, 2014

Unusual Places to Find Good Books

Hello Bookworms,

    There are typically three places we know we have access to books: The library, bookstores, and the internet. But when you are looking for a specific book, or maybe a children’s version of a book for a pint-sized loved one, have you ever considered some of the following unusual places to find books:


Craft Stores:

    I know. A craft store is not the place you would think to find books. “Craft stores only carry craft materials”. Not all of them. Check out this photo I took at a local MICHAEL’S. In the back of the store they keep children’s books and these illustrated classics were on sale for just $1 each near cashier’s!


Chain stores:

    While we know that stores like Walmart and Target have book sections. Usually they only include books that are “bestsellers”, the latest pick for Oprah’s book club, or the last book that was made into a major blockbuster. Unless you follow those lists, typically the book section doesn’t hold much interest for you. However, don’t just walk past the section without stopping to take a look periodically. You might be amazed what you’ll find. For example, Here are some classics on sale for $3 each at the front of a Target store:

Also, here is a complete volume of Shakespeare’s plays that I found on the sale table at a local Walmart for just $8.:

Dollar/Discount Stores:

    Dollar stores are a GREAT place to find books! One would typically think that a dollar store would only carry the books that didn’t do well and no one really wants to read. That is sometimes the case but that is not always true. For example, This photo is of an M.C. Beaton book from her Agatha Raisin series that I found at a Dollar Tree for (you guessed it) $1! And that’s just one of the many little gems I’ve found in the book sections of dollar stores.


These are just three of the many places that you can find books that you’ll love. You can also try yard/garage/estate sales, large gas stations/travel stations, and plenty of other places. The idea is, keep your eyes open when you ‘re out and about. Never assume that because its not a place that you would normally buy books that they couldn’t have anything you’d enjoy reading. You never know when you might find a welcome addition to your personal library.


Until next time,

         Lizzie <3

Monday, April 21, 2014

God is Not Mad At You by Joyce Meyer

Hello Bookworms,

       Last week was a crazy week schedule wise and I wanted to do some posts but I really didn't get to. So, today I want to talk about a book that I was so excited to read. It did not disappoint!


        Have you ever wondered if God was angry with you? Even if you’re sure He’s not, have you wondered how to shake the feeling the He is? Have you wondered how God can even want to love you, be there for you, use you for His glory when you make so many mistakes? Do you believe you need to be a better person than you are now before you can enter a relationship with God? Then there are a few things that you need to know that author and evangelist Joyce Meyer cannot wait to tell you!


        Readers, I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear about this book! When I actually read it…IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It answered so many questions that I’ve had and Joyce Meyer writes in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy the information. I really want anyone who has questioned the love of God to read this book. If you think He’s angry with you for any reason, read this book! It will help you so much! And I’m sure as you’re reading you’ll think of friends and family that you’ll want to recommend this book to as well. I think it goes without saying: I recommend this book!! Read God is Not Mad at You by Joyce Meyer! You won’t regret it!!


Until next time,

              Lizzie <3

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Favorite Bookmark...EVER!!

Hello bookworms!,

            Have you ever had an issue with marking your page in your latest book? Yea, me too. You want to use a bookmark because the idea of “dog-earing” the page makes you cringe (as it should. Please don’t abuse your books that way!). The idea of “I’ll remember what page I was one” is not an option because, let’s face it, you’ve got too much else to remember already. So what book mark do you use?

            You could use just a scrap of paper or a post-it note. That works. Or you could use the standard bookmark printed with a cute little design or an ad for a local bookshop. That works too. OR you could use one of those decorative metal or plastic ones that you have to wedge onto the page like a paper-clip (or just an actual paperclip, if you’re in a bind). All of those are good options. Options that I myself have used loads of times, but I’ve recently come across a style of bookmark that is my all-time favorite and I use them as much as possible!

            I’m talking about the magnetic folding bookmarks. These bookmarks fold in the top-center and have a magnet on both sides allowing it to fold over the top of your page and stick to itself. Why do I like it so much? For two reasons:

1.     It doesn’t fall out! The frustrating thing about pieces of paper and regular paper or plastic printed bookmarks is that it will accidently fall out of your book in your bag or car and now you’ve lost your place. The magnets in these bookmarks keep it from sliding around and falling out of the book!

2.     It doesn’t damage the book! I LOVE those decorative metal or plastic bookmarks that slide in like a paperclip, but all too often, it causes damage to the page of the book. I don’t damage the pages by folding down the corner of the page, so I really don’t want my bookmark to do so either. Fortunately, the magnetic bookmarks fold down from the top so that the two magnets can stick to each other but, because it’s made of thick paper or just light weight plastic strips, it doesn’t rest so hard against the page that the edges get damaged and torn.

You can find these bookmarks in bookstores everywhere now in an enormous variety of styles that's sure to fit any taste! I highly recommend them as I use them and love them! J

Here's a link where you can buy your own:

Until next time,

                     Lizzie <3

Out of the Shadows: The Untold Story of Arthur Conan Doyle's First Family by Georgina Doyle

Hello Bookworms!,

          I’ve recently finished reading a lovely book about the first family of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes Stories, the Brigadier Gerard Stories, The White Company, and so much more.



          There have been many skewed biographies of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, his family, and his career. Over the years many myths have been taken and fact, and many facts and been believed to be myths. Arthur’s first family, His wife Louise Hawkins, and their two children Mary and Kingsley Conan Doyle, were, for a time, all but erased from the history of the family…Until now. Family member Georgina Doyle (Daughter-in-law of Arthur Conan Doyle’s baby brother Innes Hay Doyle) has spent years compiling the facts and has published Out of the Shadows: The Untold Story of Arthur Conan Doyle’s First Family setting the record straight for the first time in years.



          Out of the Shadows has been a joy to read. I’ll start out by saying that I highly recommend it to all who will read it. Why do I love it so much? I’m so glad you asked ;-) .

          The first pleasant surprise was the author of the forward. In looking for a book about what happened to Mary and Kingsley Conan Doyle, I reached out to author Alistair Duncan (author of Close to Holmes, Eliminate the Impossible, and An Entirely New Country). Alistair put me into contact with Doug Wrigglesworth from whom, after several pleasant online interactions, I bought my copy of Out of the Shadows.  As soon as I opened the book, I found that the forward was written by none other than, Douglass Wrigglesworth, whom I may add did a lovely job and I suggest that you take the time to read the short forward at the beginning of the book.

          Next was the lovely prologue by Georgina Doyle in which she explains her reasons for doing the book. For me this section (only about a page and a half long) really set the tone for the rest of the biography. You really get a sense of Georgina’s lovely character and her intention not to hurt anyone, but to help everyone understand the whole story of the Conan Doyle family as it actually happened. She evens mentions that the time of publication ( © 2004)  was best because now anyone who might be hurt by the truth had passed on, which I found extremely thoughtful.

          The book gives the history of the Doyle and Hawkins side of the family and then goes into how Louise and Arthur met and married and subsequently had children, Mary and Kingsley. It continues all the way to Mary Conan Doyle’s golden years detailing the life of her and her family from family documents, first and second-hand accounts from family members, and even statements from Mary Conan Doyle herself.

          I found it beautiful to read Mary’s own words. I loved getting to hear her story from her perspective in many places. I also loved Georgina Doyle’s writing. She had an easy style that makes it easy to read. It reminded me a lot of movies that have a person telling a story in conversation and then slowly slips into a flashback. That’s how it feels reading Mrs. Doyle’s writing. It was wonderful. I found myself becoming so attached to the family members through Georgina’s writing that I began to grieve each time a family member died, especially at the deaths of Louise Hawkins “Touie” Doyle, Kingsley Conan Doyle, and Innes Hay Doyle.

          I really enjoyed the book. It was easy to read, enjoyable, plus there were pictures and several discrepancies from earlier biographies set straight. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the family of Arthur Conan Doyle. This is easily the most reliable book in existence. It is hard to find a copy now, but if you can find one, borrow one from a friend, or check one out at the library, it is well worth it!

A special thanks to Alistair Duncan and Doug Wrigglesworth for helping me in obtaining a copy of Out of the Shadows.
Normally, I would post a link where you can buy Out of the Shadows. However, it is hard to find now. I was not able to find a link to an online seller so if you know where readers can get a copy of the book, please feel free to post it in the comments or let me know at @LovelyLizzie10 on Twitter and I'll add it here.

Until next time,

                   Lizzie <3