Monday, April 7, 2014

My Favorite Bookmark...EVER!!

Hello bookworms!,

            Have you ever had an issue with marking your page in your latest book? Yea, me too. You want to use a bookmark because the idea of “dog-earing” the page makes you cringe (as it should. Please don’t abuse your books that way!). The idea of “I’ll remember what page I was one” is not an option because, let’s face it, you’ve got too much else to remember already. So what book mark do you use?

            You could use just a scrap of paper or a post-it note. That works. Or you could use the standard bookmark printed with a cute little design or an ad for a local bookshop. That works too. OR you could use one of those decorative metal or plastic ones that you have to wedge onto the page like a paper-clip (or just an actual paperclip, if you’re in a bind). All of those are good options. Options that I myself have used loads of times, but I’ve recently come across a style of bookmark that is my all-time favorite and I use them as much as possible!

            I’m talking about the magnetic folding bookmarks. These bookmarks fold in the top-center and have a magnet on both sides allowing it to fold over the top of your page and stick to itself. Why do I like it so much? For two reasons:

1.     It doesn’t fall out! The frustrating thing about pieces of paper and regular paper or plastic printed bookmarks is that it will accidently fall out of your book in your bag or car and now you’ve lost your place. The magnets in these bookmarks keep it from sliding around and falling out of the book!

2.     It doesn’t damage the book! I LOVE those decorative metal or plastic bookmarks that slide in like a paperclip, but all too often, it causes damage to the page of the book. I don’t damage the pages by folding down the corner of the page, so I really don’t want my bookmark to do so either. Fortunately, the magnetic bookmarks fold down from the top so that the two magnets can stick to each other but, because it’s made of thick paper or just light weight plastic strips, it doesn’t rest so hard against the page that the edges get damaged and torn.

You can find these bookmarks in bookstores everywhere now in an enormous variety of styles that's sure to fit any taste! I highly recommend them as I use them and love them! J

Here's a link where you can buy your own:

Until next time,

                     Lizzie <3

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