Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Book of the Week! A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs!

Hello Bookworms!
     Its here! The first featured Christmas Book of the Week! This week's book comes from an author that I have featured many times. Every book that I have read by her has been an instant classic in my home and they remain on my bookshelves like trophies! This week's book is A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs!!!

“A wonderful story of redemption and restoration that will warm your heart during the Christmas season—or any time of year”
              - -Francine Rivers, best-selling author of  “Redeeming Love”.

“Christmas Eve 1894”

          “All Margaret Campbell wants for Christmas is a safe journey home. When her plans for a festive holiday with her family in Stirling crumble beneath the weight of her brother’s bitterness, the young schoolteacher wants nothing more than to return to the students she loves and the town house she calls home.
          Then an unexpected detour places her in the path of Gordon Shaw, a handsome newspaperman from Glasgow, who struggles under a burden of remorse and shame. When the secret of their shared history is revealed, will it leave them tangled in a knot of regret? Or might their past hold the threads that will bind their future together?
          As warm as a woolen scarf on a cold winter’s eve, “A Wreath of Snow” is a tender story of love and forgiveness, wrapped in a celebration of all things Scottish, all things Victorian, and of especially all things Christmas.”


“A Wreath of Snow” was released in hardback October 2nd, 2012. I have reviewed several of Mrs. Higgs’ books here on See Lizzie Read, such as Thorn in My Heart, Fairer is the Rose, Whence Came a Prince, Grace in Thine Eyes, and Here Burns My Candle, and, as you’ve read, I am a huge fan of her writing! It is because of my great respect and enjoyment of her writing that I have chosen “A Wreath of Snow” as this week’s book of the week! I am sure that this book will make a wonderful gift for a loved one, or a wonderful book to read all curled up with a nice cup of tea, cocoa, or coffee this winter! Get into the Christmas spirit with “A Wreath of Snow” by Liz Curtis Higgs!!


To buy “A Wreath of Snow”: (This resource gives you links to buy from 3 different distributors right on her page!):

Mini Recommendations:

KIDS BOOK: The Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles Schultz “Linus’s soliloquy on the true meaning of Christmas is wonderful” Mini Recommendation submitted by Teresa Gaskins

To buy:

ADULT BOOK: The Gift of the Magi by “It goes beyond the common typical Christmas desires of what you can give me and really turns the table towards what am I willing to sacrifice to give someone I care about just one thing for Christmas.” Mini Recommendations by Teresa Gaskins
To buy:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Coming Soon! Christmas Book of the Week!

Hello Bookworms!,
          Starting this coming week, I will be posting a Christmas book of the week each week leading up to Christmas! There are so many Christmas books out there that deserve to be highlighted, but since we can't do them all we'll do as many as we can!

Each post will include a description of the book, the reasons why I recommend it, links to buy the book and mini recommendations of other Christmas books (Which will be determined based on what books See Lizzie Read's readers want to share with everyone so get your suggestions in early!)

Are there any Christmas books that you would love for See Lizzie Read to do mini recommendations for during Christmas Book of the Week? Your mini recommendation may be featured in the Christmas Book of the Week and credit will be given to you in the post for bringing the book to See Lizzie Read! Please let me know! How? Use one of these 4 ways!

1. Twitter: @LovelyLizzie10 .  @mention me with the title, Author, and #iRecommend

2. E-Mail: Email me the title, author, with the subject "iRecommend"

3. Facebook: go to and tell me the title and author!

4. Comment: Leave a comment here or on any of the Christmas Books of the Week with the title and author of the book!

Note that I reserve the right to and will research each book before I use it and any inappropriate or offensive books will not be included in the posts.

Look forward to helping spread our favorite Christmas stories together!!!,
      Lizzie <3

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving books for Children!

Hello Bookworms!!,
        Its Thanksgiving Eve and while you're preparing a huge meal, the kids will need something to entertain them! How about some precious Thanksgiving/Harvest stories especially for kids?

The Pumpkin Patch Parable - Liz Curtis Higgs

       This charming story for children illustrates how a loving farmer can turn a simple pumpkin into a simply glorious sight. In the same way, God's transforming love can fill each of our hearts with joy and light. Liz Curtis Higgs created this parable as a way to share the Good News with her own precious children each harvest season . . . and now with children everywhere.

      Liz Curtis Higgs is a God-gifted author and I have reviewed several of her books here on See Lizzie Read. I am sure that this book will entertain your children and become an instant classic in your home!

One Is A Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale - Judy Cox

     The Thanksgiving feast is over. Mouse spots one pea, which is quite enough for one mouse, but he keeps adding other tidbits. Then Cat sees him, in a story about giving thanks for the little things.

     Children love stories with adorable animal characters. This story about a mouse who wants to feast for thanksgiving is sure to entertain your children and make them laugh.

Arthur's Thanksgiving (Arthur Adventure Series)

     Arthur has been picked to direct his school's Thanksgiving play-and cast the roles. But all his friends want to be star, and no one wants to play the Turkey! What will Arthur do?

     Arthur is a beloved character that I grew up with as a child. I loved Arthur and would watch the cartoon all the time! Introduce the next generation to this wonderful character with Arthur's Thanksgiving!

The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin
     The Bear family hopes to win the blue ribbon for their entry in the pumpkin contest during the annual Bear Country Thanksgiving Festival, but the lesson they gain is much more important: a new appreciation of the true spirit of the holiday and all they have to be thankful for.

     As a child my parents would always give me Berenstain Bears books and movies and I absolutely loved them! The colorful stories coupled with the values that they can teach your children make "The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin" or any other Berenstain Bears book well worth your time and money!

There you have it! Four books for thanksgiving that are sure to charm your children and remind everyone that there's more to Thanksgiving than the food!

Are there any books that you share with your children on Thanksgiving that you woul love for others to know about? Leave a comment! :)

Until Next Time and Happy Thanksgiving!,
                                                                  Lizzie <3

Monday, November 5, 2012

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