Thursday, February 23, 2012

Summer Pick 2012! Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs!

Hello Bookworms!
            I am excited to bring you the next Summer Pick of 2012: Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs!

       Young brothers, Evan and Jamie McKie, both want to claim their father's blessing. Two young sisters, Leana and Rose McBride both long to be married and out from under the tyranical, selfish reign of their father, Lachlan McBride. Soon, deception and fighting at his ancestral home of Glentrool lead Jamie right to Leana and Rose's doorstep. Leana, who has recently been engaged (by her father) to a farmer MUCH older than her, hopes desperately that Jamie might be the one to swoop in and rescue her. However, it is Jamie's decision and Rose, though immature, is considerably prettier than Leana. This tale of love, hurt, forgiveness, and spiritual growth will keep you guessing til the very end.

     I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and knew that it had to be highlighted as a pick for this summer! Higgs' writing is phenominal as she retells the lives of Leah and Rachel in the Bible! Your heart will truly be blessed by reading this book! I give it 5 bookmarks (because I can't go any higher with the rating scale!)

What's Next?
Fairer is the Rose- Liz Curtis Higgs! The second book in the Scotish Lowlands Series!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summer Pick 2012!! In the Shadow of the Sun King-Golden Keyes Parsons

Hello Bookworms!
       I have a Summer Pick for you! Recently I read the book "In the Shadow of the Sun King" by Golden Keyes Parsons. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you here on See Lizzie Read!!

       In France, during the reign of the Sun King, the Hugenots are being persecuted. Thanks to Madeleine Clavell's connection with the king, her family has been left far. When Dragoons show up to ransack her home searching for her sons to take them by force and be given a Catholic education, Madeliene knows something is wrong. Has the king turned against her family? Does he now see them as a threat too? In an effort to save her family and home, Madeliene decides to travel to Versailles to see the king in person. She does not know what awaits her when she gets there, nor if her family will be safe while she is gone, but she must try.

    I am a historical fiction lover and I must admit that this book is a beautiful portrayal of what it must have been like to be a Hugenot during their persecution. Golden Keyes Parsons inspiration for this story was actually an old record of the Clavell family that she found. This story filled with love, fear, and close relationship with the Lord, will keep you glued to your seat and your eyes glued to the page until you've finished. The story moves at a fast pace and there is an abundance of thrilling events all happening one right after another. You'll cry, laugh, and cheer as you read "In the Shadow of the Sun King". This is one of my summer picks for 2012 and I definitely give this one 5 bookmarks!

*This is the first book in a short series. I have not yet found the others but I will post as soon as I discover a book store that carries them, If you read "In the Shadow of the Sun King" you, like myself, will be dying to get your hands on the next one!

                  Until Next Time!
                                Lizzie <3

Monday, February 20, 2012

St. Simons Island Visit!

Hello Bookworms!!
     I recently promised that I would post photos of some of the places to see on St. Simons Island if you have read any or all of Eugenia Price's St. Simons Trilogy! Well, here they are!
This is of James Gould's grave. He and his family are buried in the cemetary right behind Christ Church.

John Couper's Grave

A shot of the lighthouse. I'll post a better picture later. :)

These are just a few of the places you'll want to visit! The visitors center or the museum at the lighthouse will be happy to help you find any of the places you are looking for!

Until next time,
          Lizzie <3

The Beloved Invader- Eugenia Price

Hello Again readers!!
    I have finished reading the last book in the St. Simons Island Trilogy and I'm ready to review!

      The Beloved Invader follows the story of Anson Dodge, a young man from New York, who only came down to St. Simons Island to see his father and prove to himself that he is nothing like him before going home to marry his fiancee Ellen. While he is there, he forms a strong friendship with the Gould family. For some reason, Anson feels a strong love for the Island and its inhabitants. Anson had always had a close relationship with the Lord and was willing to do His will. Little did he know what the Lord was going to do with his life at the little church on St. Simons Island.

     I must admit that I have mixed feelings about the final book in the St. Simons Island trilogy. It will keep your attention and you will love it for sure, but you love the characters so much that the low points in their lives will tug at your heartstrings. It is honestly the saddest story in the whole Trilogy but at the same time the most wonderful. Anson's internal dialogue playes a huge part in what makes this story so wonderful. You find yourself routing for Anson through it all.
     I give this particular book 5 bookmarks. I give the whole series 5 bookmarks as well. This is a series you will definitely want to add to your collection at home and share with your family and friends.

A note: you can see Christ Church, St. Ignatious, the lighthouse, and visit the graves of each and every family member and Eugenia Price herself on St. Simons Island, Georgia. I know, I have been there myself and it was a wonderful experience. It will really bring the trilogy to life for you. I'll be sure to post the pictures of my own trip to St. Simons soon!!

What's Next?
My first summer pick of 2012!! In the Shadow of the Sun King- Golden Keyes Parsons!

New Moon Rising- Eugenia Price

Hello Readers!,
           After finishing Eugenia Price's Lighthouse, I read New Moon Rising.

     This book follows the story of James Gould's son Horace. We begin following Horace's story as he is on a boat home after having been suspended from University. Horace struggles with the feeling that he is not allowed to be himself and that his father refuses to try and understand him. As Horace's life changes, and he moves from place to place to work, his life experiences very much seem to mimic that of his father. But no matter how far away he runs, Horace is drawn back to St. Simons Island. See where Horace finally settles by reading New Moon Rising by Eugenia Price.

     I must say that the first few pages of the book didn't capture my attention as I had hoped, but once I kept reading, I was HOOKED! New Moon Rising is every bit as wonderful as Lighthouse! Eugenia Price's way of telling the story of the Gould men will keep your attention until the very end! This story of love and finding oneself will keep you coming back for more.

What's Next?:
The Beloved Invader-Eugenia Price! The Final book in the St. Simons Island Trilogy.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey fellow bookworms!
I am so incredibly sorry that I haven't posted since August!!! But I'm happy to say that I am back and ready to do more reviews! I've been reading like mad and guess what's new on See Lizzie Read? Spring Picks for 2012!! Keep checking back to see what Lizzie's reading!

      Lizzie <3