Monday, February 20, 2012

New Moon Rising- Eugenia Price

Hello Readers!,
           After finishing Eugenia Price's Lighthouse, I read New Moon Rising.

     This book follows the story of James Gould's son Horace. We begin following Horace's story as he is on a boat home after having been suspended from University. Horace struggles with the feeling that he is not allowed to be himself and that his father refuses to try and understand him. As Horace's life changes, and he moves from place to place to work, his life experiences very much seem to mimic that of his father. But no matter how far away he runs, Horace is drawn back to St. Simons Island. See where Horace finally settles by reading New Moon Rising by Eugenia Price.

     I must say that the first few pages of the book didn't capture my attention as I had hoped, but once I kept reading, I was HOOKED! New Moon Rising is every bit as wonderful as Lighthouse! Eugenia Price's way of telling the story of the Gould men will keep your attention until the very end! This story of love and finding oneself will keep you coming back for more.

What's Next?:
The Beloved Invader-Eugenia Price! The Final book in the St. Simons Island Trilogy.

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