Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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           Yesterday I received an E-mail from N.E. David (who has been interviewed and reviewed on See Lizzie Read multiple times...Thanks Nick!! :D ). N. E. David has a special offer for you all!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Hello Bookworms!

            As you know, I have been reading through the original Sherlock Holmes stories, lovingly referred to by Sherlockians as “The Canon”. The story I am going to discuss in this post is The Adventure of The Noble Bachelor.


            While poor Watson is a bit under the weather, he’s had plenty of time to catch up on the gossip in the local papers. What he did not realize is that his new found information will actually help his dear friend Sherlock Holmes. Lord St. Simon has written to Holmes to request his help in the much publicized matter of his wife’s disappearance. The two had been married for just hours after a happy courtship and engagement when his wife walks outside her father’s house where a breakfast is being held and is never seen again. Can Sherlock find the new Lady St. Simon?


            This was an interesting story. It’s difficult to discuss the details of a short story that I like without giving anything away, but I’m pretty sure (after taking great care and proof reading before posting) that I have managed it so here goes:

            The reason I found this story so interesting was because I thought I knew the answer from the beginning. However, it shortly became clear that I had missed the answer altogether! For me that’s something I love is when the answer to the question is something that I did not consider as being possible in the story and yet the evidence backs up the conclusion completely! I like the creativity!

            Being a person that enjoys studying people’s behavior, ideas, and habits, I loved the section at the end after the solution has been explained. I loved the way that Doyle wrote Sherlock inviting people to dinner at 221b Baker Street and that Sherlock Holmes seemed to like Americans and said as much. It was just an interesting moment to learn a little more about what kind of a person Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, was meant to be in the original stories. I like seeing what kind of a person Sir Arthur Conan Doyle originally wanted Sherlock Holmes to be. Do not misunderstand me, it is fun to see all the variations of Sherlock Holmes and all the variations of character and backstory that have been given to the detective over the years, on the stage and screen, but I like to see what person Sherlock Holmes was originally meant to be. Remember, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the original writer. Doyle created Holmes and had reasons for writing Holmes the way he did. While we may never know what Doyle’s actual thought processes or reasons were, I like the idea of paying the author the respect of getting to know his original character while getting to know the other variations as well (sometimes I find that I even like the original Sherlock Holmes’s personality much better than the variationsJ).

            I have almost completed The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and will soon be moving on to “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” as they have been published in the compilation “The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes”

You can buy a copy here

I realize that this version is missing many of the short stories but I am going to go back and fill in the areas that have been deleted using this book that I recently ordered through shown here:

This book has all 56 Short stories and all 4 novels so I am really excited to get to add it to my collection.

You can buy a copy here

            I think that either book would be a great addition to your personal library. While the first is missing several stories, it does include the illustrations by Sidney Paget and the stories are printed the way you would have seen them in The Strand Magazine. The other has all of the stories and novels but no illustrations. I like both copies and am glad to have both.


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