Sunday, April 27, 2014

Unusual Places to Find Good Books

Hello Bookworms,

    There are typically three places we know we have access to books: The library, bookstores, and the internet. But when you are looking for a specific book, or maybe a children’s version of a book for a pint-sized loved one, have you ever considered some of the following unusual places to find books:


Craft Stores:

    I know. A craft store is not the place you would think to find books. “Craft stores only carry craft materials”. Not all of them. Check out this photo I took at a local MICHAEL’S. In the back of the store they keep children’s books and these illustrated classics were on sale for just $1 each near cashier’s!


Chain stores:

    While we know that stores like Walmart and Target have book sections. Usually they only include books that are “bestsellers”, the latest pick for Oprah’s book club, or the last book that was made into a major blockbuster. Unless you follow those lists, typically the book section doesn’t hold much interest for you. However, don’t just walk past the section without stopping to take a look periodically. You might be amazed what you’ll find. For example, Here are some classics on sale for $3 each at the front of a Target store:

Also, here is a complete volume of Shakespeare’s plays that I found on the sale table at a local Walmart for just $8.:

Dollar/Discount Stores:

    Dollar stores are a GREAT place to find books! One would typically think that a dollar store would only carry the books that didn’t do well and no one really wants to read. That is sometimes the case but that is not always true. For example, This photo is of an M.C. Beaton book from her Agatha Raisin series that I found at a Dollar Tree for (you guessed it) $1! And that’s just one of the many little gems I’ve found in the book sections of dollar stores.


These are just three of the many places that you can find books that you’ll love. You can also try yard/garage/estate sales, large gas stations/travel stations, and plenty of other places. The idea is, keep your eyes open when you ‘re out and about. Never assume that because its not a place that you would normally buy books that they couldn’t have anything you’d enjoy reading. You never know when you might find a welcome addition to your personal library.


Until next time,

         Lizzie <3

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