Monday, May 5, 2014

Mistaken by Karen Barnett

Hello Bookworms,

            I have a new book review for you today! I recently read Mistaken by Karen Barnett. This is Karen’s debut novel published in 2013. I can’t wait to share my thoughts!


            Laurie Burke has always been failed by the men in her life. They always make bad choices that throw her life into turmoil and then they leave her to pick up the pieces. Living with the reality that her dad is a drunk in a town with a growing rum-running industry is hard and Laurie’s been praying for just one man in her life she can trust.

            Daniel Shepherd had no plans of coming back to Port Angeles from Seattle. But when Daniel receives a letter from his aging grandfather asking for help, Daniel comes anyway. Maybe Port Angeles won’t be so bad. It’s a way to escape from his past.

            Samuel Brown works for the treasury department. He has come to Port Angeles to stop the rum-running ring and he’s good at his job.  He may be a bit smug but what else is new?

            Laurie’s prayers are about to be answered, but not at all in the way she expected. One thing’s for sure, in Port Angeles, first impressions are not what they seem…


            Mistaken was so much fun to read. My best friend and I both read it and had so much fun discussing the details and our reactions to the shockers in the book!  This book would make a great easy read for a summer vacation. It’s also a great read for a book club! I think you and your friends will have a great time laughing, gasping, and discussing Mistaken.
     Mistaken is a good clean read that is action packed and keeps you guessing. There were points where I was completely shocked because I didn’t see it coming! At one point all I could do was sit there with my mouth hanging open and keep reading! I really think that you will enjoy this book and I greatly recommend it! If you’re looking for a great story to take on vacation with you this year, this is the one!

            I can’t wait to read more of Karen’s work and fortunately she is releasing her second novel “Out of the Ruins” this year!! (Woohoo!)


Until next time,

                Lizzie <3

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