Saturday, May 24, 2014

Young Adult Fiction: Is it Really for Young Adults?

Hello bookworms,

          I’m always looking at Twitter, Facebook, Daedalus, Goodreads, and pretty much anywhere for good book recommendations. Being 22 years old, I try to notice the Young Adult Fiction section. Unfortunately, I’m not loving what I see.

         Have you noticed what books are being promoted as Young Adult fiction lately? I’m seeing a lot of books that seem to be geared towards middle school children or children approximately ages 9-13. Now, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that 9-13 year olds are not young adults. 
Seriously? THIS passes as young ADULT??

          I’m not saying that a book for young people cannot be enjoyed by adults. The Harry Potter series gained a HUGE following from people of all ages from young children to the elderly. Harry Potter was geared for children and tweens.
The one Young Adult fiction series worth all ages time

          Back to my original thought, if the Young Adult fiction books are really for kids and tweens, then why are we calling it “Young Adult”? I thought that 9-13 year olds were classified under “children” or “preteen”. Young adults are around 18-25, right?

Since I’m right in the middle of the “young adult” age range let me tell you what I’m looking for:

Ø I LOVE classic books like Jane Eyre, the Jane Austen novels, Rebecca, etc. I’m always looking for something that reminds me of that style of writing.


Ø I like intelligent mysteries like the Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot series’. I want to be stumped and shocked by the mysteries that I read, and I want them to be intelligent to keep my mind working.



Ø I like love stories that aren’t all about sex. I want to see a relationship begin, develop over time, and I want them to be responsible. Drama and sex does not equal love.

          So where are the books for young adult women like me? Am I missing them? Are they under a different classification/genre? I’m sure I’m not the only book-loving twenty-something that feels this way. Those of you out there who have found the books for our age group, please let us know. Comment, tweet me (@LovelyLizzie10 , use hashtag #YAForAdults), or post on See Lizzie Read's Facebook page!

          If people send me recommendations (please no Amish fiction), or if I find any, I’ll be sure to post them so we can all reap the benefits.

Until Next Time,

          Lizzie <3

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