Monday, June 2, 2014

A Lesson in Secrets (A Maisie Dobbs Novel) by Jacqueline Winspear

Hello Bookworms,

          I have a new book review for you! I’m really excited about this book! I really think that this is going to be a series that I and many of you will really enjoy.


          Maisie Dobbs has seen a lot in her life. But fortunately she was taken under the wing of Maurice Blanche who prepared her for the job she’s doing now. When she’s not solving crimes for hire at her own business, Maisie has been known to be recruited to help Special Branch and the British Secret Service. 1930’s London has more secrets that most people might believe.

Now, the secret service needs Maisie again. The college of St. Francis is a fledgling college trying to find acceptance among the universities in Cambridge. St. Francis is a college of peace accepting international students even from countries that might not be well accepted since the First World War. At its helm is Greville Liddicote, the man who wrote a children’s book that (if rumors are to be believed) caused mutiny on both sides of the war, English and German alike. But something isn’t right, and the secret service has reason to believe that there are activities that are not in the interest of the crown and Maisie is charged with pretending to be a lecturer at the college and finding out what these activities are.


          A Lesson in Secrets was a pleasant surprise. I’m finding more and more that I like historical fiction set in the 1930’s. but what made this book for me was the writing and the main character, Maisie Dobbs!

          The writing is intelligent. I found myself repeatedly wishing that Maisie Dobbs would be made in to a movie or better yet a series (since there are 10 of these books). Why? Because this book reminded me of my favorite british mystery series’ like Inspector Lewis and Poirot. It was hard to see why Jacqueline Winspear won the Agatha, Alex and Macavity awards as well as an Edgar award nomination for her first book, entitled Maisie Dobbs, when the eighth book in the series was this good! I want to go back and read them all!

          Maisie Dobbs’ character is wonderful! She is kind and compassionate. A woman who wants the best for herself and for her widowed father. She pays attention to the needs of the people with whom she comes into contact and, when she can, she meets them. But she’s also intelligent! In some ways she reminded me of Ms. Fisher from Ms. Fishers Mysteries. Maisie is brilliant at her job and enjoys doing it! She’s not like many female characters who are meant to be the main character but are ALWAYS in need of rescuing, Maisie is actually good! She stands on her own two feet and gets the job done!

          Readers, I truly recommend A Lesson in Secrets and the whole Maisie Dobbs series. I know I’ll be reading more! ;)


Until Next Time,

                   Lizzie <3

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