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Hobbit Lessons: A Map for Life's Unexpected Journey by Devin Brown

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     Recently I received a Copy of Hobbit Lessons: A Map for Life’s Unexpected Journeys by Devin Brown. I’ve read it and now I’m ready to share my thoughts with you!


     J.R.R. Tolkien wrote an epic set of stories. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. These large novels have entertained young ones and adults for generations. But have you ever examined the writing for the truths about life? There are lessons in Tolkien’s writing about unlikely heroes going on unexpected adventures that we can all apply to our lives. Professor Devin Brown uncovers these lessons in Hobbit Lessons: A Map for Life’s Unexpected Journeys.


     This was the first book I have ever read by author and Professor Devin Brown. A professor at Asbury University (where he teaches a class on C.S. Lewis and Tolkien), Brown has written books on the lives and works of both Lewis and Tolkien. Brown’s writing is intelligent yet down-to-Earth to make sure that anyone can understand. He’s also funny. For me, that’s always a huge plus to any writing meant to educate.

     Hobbit Lessons has given me a new respect for the writings of Tolkien. While I had noticed little nuggets of wisdom myself, Devin Brown brings out lessons of which I had never before thought. That’s, I think, the best part of the book. He doesn’t go as much for the obvious that we notice (the typical good triumphs over evil) but he delves deeper to bring forward points that many of us may have overlooked.

     A word of caution: If you have not read the books or even seen the movies, this book will spoil a few surprises and endings for you. What’s the best solution? Read the books AND Hobbit Lessons!

     I HIGHLY recommend Hobbit Lessons: A Map for Life’s Unexpected Journey. This book makes me wish I was studying at Asbury University so I could take Prof. Brown’s class! But since I’m not, I will at least read his other books. J

 At 133 pages, Hobbit Lessons is an enlightening, informative, and fun read.You won’t regret having read it!

**A special thanks to Devin Brown, Abingdon Press, and Goodreads for the copy! J


Check out Devin Brown and Hobbit Lessons here:

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