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See Lizzie Read's 5 Minute High Five with N.E.David Pt. 1

Hello Readers!!,
        I have an exciting new post for you today! An Interview with Author N.E. David, author of such novellas as Feria, Carol's Christmas, and A Day at the Races!
     You may have noticed that the title says "5 Minute High Five". This is because the format for interviews has changed! From now on (unless special circumstances dictate otherwise) I will ask authors 5 questions that should only take readers 5 minutes to read! :) You may also have noticed that it says "Part 1". That is because Mr. David has agreed to do 2 interviews for See Lizzie Read! In part 1, I asked Mr. David about himself, his blog, his writing career, and more so that you could get to know him! Here's what he said:

1. You started writing at 21, but changed to financial services as a career for many years. What made you decide to return to writing?

     A. Yes, I did start writing at 21 but it was never a career choice at that time. And the truth is, I made a complete hash of it first time round and made some fundamental mistakes - which I intend not to repeat now. So I took a step back and then the need to earn a living got in the way and it was another 33 years before I got back to it. But it was the desire to pick up where I'd left off that got me going again - and I knew it was time to pack up Financial Services when I found the most interesting thing in Money Marketing was the Sudoku.

2.You have a blog on your website devoted to your journey to becoming a recognised author. What do you hope readers will learn/glean from your blog?

     A. The idea that readers of my blog should learn/glean anything from it has never occurred to me - I have no desire to 'teach' anyone anything - and I suppose I must apply the same philosophy as I do about my other writing. My main concern is to entertain and I have no personal or political message to convey. My readers must take what they will from my blog as they do from my books, be that inspiration or, sometimes, disgust or depression. I have no desire to change their view of the world, only to help them see it.

3. Your novellas cover a wide range of subjects. Where do you find inspiration for your stories?
     A. Mostly by observing what goes on around me - there's so much to tell! I went to a Writers Group meeting recently and sat next to a very pleasant lady who said she was determined to be a writer but didn't know what to write about. I don't think I could be a writer if I didn't have something I deperately wanted to say. Sometimes I burst with ideas and I can't wait to get them down on paper. I do have an 'ideas' file with odd things in it eg. a newspaper article about a WWII soldier's bag found preserved in the desert with a letter in it; an Order of Service for a funeral; a photograph of two people walking along the promenade in 1950's Weston-Super-Mare. My great regret is that I will never have the time to write all their stories.

4. Where do you hope to see yourself in the next few years in respect to your writing career?
     A. The short answer to that is - published. The long answer involves being able to set down the eight novel length pieces I have in my head while I still have time. Four of these are written in some form or another and I hope to have the first of these available next year. I'm currently working on the second. The novellas are a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously - starters if you like while the main course is yet to come.

5. What advice would you give to a young writer on how to start their own writing career?

     A. It would be presumptious of me to give anyone advice. All I can tell you is that you will know inside yourself whether you want to write or not and if so, you should do it. If you're young and starting out, think carefully about genre. I think there are some genres you can write for at an early age. I personally found it impossible to write literary fiction at 21 because I hadn't done enough, hadn't read enough and hadn't practised writing enough. Here I am all those years later and it's still difficult. Now we're back to question one!

     There you have it readers! An inside look at the mind of Mr. N.E. David! I'm willing to bet that now you're wondering about part 2. Well, In Part 2 I am going to talk with Mr. David about one of his holiday novellas, Carol's Christmas. With Christmas on its way in just about 6 weeks, you may want to purchase this book, or any of Mr. David's other novellas, for your loved ones as gifts, or just as an early present to yourself! Either way, you're sure to love them!

A special thanks to Mr. N.E. David for taking time out of his busy schedule to do an interview!

Until Next time,
               Lizzie <3

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