Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Carol's Christmas by N. E. David

Hello Bookworms!,
         In the spirit of all things Christmas, I wanted to bring you a review of a wonderful Christmas novella called Carol's Christmas by Mr. N. E. David!


                Carol and her father have never had a close relationship….her mother wouldn’t allow it. Her mother wouldn’t allow anything but strict adherence to her own wants and orders. But now Carol’s mother has passed and in the aftermath of a difficult break-up, Carol has chosen to go home. But can Carol and her father learn to connect with each other after years of oppression from the matriarch of their little family? Or will this Christmas just be another disaster that Carol will come to regret? Find out in Carol’s Christmas by N.E. David!!


                This novella was absolutely precious! At just 10 chapters, it is the perfect thing to get you into the Christmas spirit on the plane, train, or automobile ride (as long as you’re not the one driving the automobile ;) ) home for Christmas. As I read ,I kept thinking, “This could easily be adapted into a movie”. It’s just that good.  I give Carol's Christmas 5 bookmarks and I just know that you will thoroughly enjoy reading this sweet novella from Mr. N.E. David! J Pick up your hard copy or (just in time for Christmas) download it to your Kindle A.S.A.P.! 
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     I have some exciting things coming your way this month! There are still 2 more Christmas Books of the Week, so keep sending in your mini Recommendations! Also, I have gifts for the book lover in your family and a very special interview with one of the writers of one Christmas Book of the Week selection! Can't wait! ;)

Merry Christmas and Until Next Time,
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