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See Lizzie Read's 5 Minute High 5 with Author Liz Curtis Higgs!

Hello Bookworms!
       I have a vry special treat for you this week! I have an interview with a wonderful author! She is kind, talented, and I have reviewed several of her books here on See Lizzie Read (Including making her latest work A Wreath of Snow one of our Christmas Books of the Week a few weeks ago)! If you haven't guessed (or read the title ;) ) already, its Mrs. Liz Curtis Higgs! Here's what Mrs. Higgs had to say!

Liz Curtis Higgs

1. Several of your historical fiction books mirror the lives of people recorded in The Bible. What leads you in your decisions on whose lives to use?

Much as I love storytelling, I’ve been a Bible teacher for 30 years, and a novelist for just the last 15, so teaching God’s Word is always my first priority.

Sometimes when I read certain accounts in the Bible, I long to explore the rest of the story. Since we’re clearly told not to add to Scripture (Deut 12:32, Rev 22:18), I decided the best way to dig deeper into the stories of the biblical characters who’ve intrigued me—Leah, Rachel, Dinah, Naomi, Ruth among them—might be to write historical novels inspired by their stories, yet set in a different time and place. So, Thorn in My Heart, my first Scottish historical, tells the story of Leah and Jacob set in the Scottish Lowlands in 1788.
2. Some of your fiction and non-fiction books (Here Burns My Candle, Mine is the Night, and The Girl's Still Got It) revolve around the life of Ruth. What about Ruth has captured your attention and made you want to share her story with the world?

Ruth is unquestionably one of the Bible’s good girls, yet I’ve always been fascinated by her back story. Growing up in Moab, worshiping false gods, perhaps making sacrifices to Chemosh—oh, my. Lots there to consider. She is in many ways the last woman a good and godly Israelite like Boaz should marry, the last person you would expect the Lord to graft into the lineage of David, and therefore into the lineage of Christ.

Yet God clearly chose Ruth, protected Ruth, provided for Ruth, and redeemed Ruth through his servant, Boaz. I’ve been immersed in her story for the last 5 years and have loved every minute!
3. When you go to write one of your books, do you already know how it will turn out or does the inspiration come as you write?
For my novels, I have a general idea of where I want the story to go and how it might end, but I let my characters lead the way. I spend a long time getting to know my characters before I start telling their stories. Even then, they usually stop me after a few thousand words and say, “Look, you’ve got this all wrong. Just follow us around, and write down what we say and do.”
That’s when the writing process gets fun for me. I literally run to the computer each morning to see what’s going to happen next. Though I do create a plot line at the start of things—mostly to assure my editor and myself that we have a valid story in hand—the finished product is often quite different than the original outline!

4. At what age did you begin to write? And when did you know that this was the ministry you had been called into?
I wrote my first novel, such as it was, at age ten—a cozy mystery. very much in keeping with the Nancy Drew books I loved at that young age. More notebooks filled with stories followed all through my teens. I was the editor of my school newspaper, majored in English in college, and wrote a lot of really bad poetry.

But it wasn’t until I embraced the grace of God at age twenty-seven that I began to seriously consider any sort of writing ministry. I was a radio personality at the time, with many opportunities to share my testimony. I began teaching the Bible for women in my region as well, which led to more speaking events, and eventually, to writing.

My first book was published twenty years ago. My thirtieth book, A Wreath of Snow, was just published, with contracts for many more in the years to come. I’m so incredibly grateful for the support of my faithful readers and my wonderful publisher, WaterBrook Press.

5. What advice do you have for young women today who are trying to remain faithful to Christ?

Such a good question, Beth! Women of all ages face challenges in remaining faithful, but for younger women, I think it’s especially difficult. Not only because our culture has thrown virtue and chastity and piety out the window, but also because there are so many distractions, especially online.

Making time for Bible study, for fellowship with other believers, and for service in Christ’s name may be tough, but it is so, so worth it. We grow in Christ when we’re in community with his people and immersed in his Word. I’m grateful for every opportunity that takes me away from my computer and out into the greater world.


God’s blessings on you and your readers in 2013!

There you have it readers! I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed getting it ready for you all! A special thanks to Liz Curtis Higgs for working with me to bring an interview for you all! Mrs. Higgs you are a wonderful, talented woman and you are a blissin' too a' yer readers!

Until next time!,
        Lizzie <3



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