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See Lizzie Read 5 Minute High 5 With Author Michael K. Reynolds!

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       Today I have a special treat for you all!! Recently, I posted an interview about Flight of the earls by Michal K. Reynolds! Now I am proud to bring you an interview with Mr. Reynolds himself! Its See Lizzie Read's 5 Minute High 5 with Author Michael K. Reynolds! Enjoy!
Michael K Reynolds, Author/Speaker

1.       I read that you have a B.A. in Creative Writing, but it had been many years since you had written any fiction. What made you decide to return to it?

I had written three books by the time I was 21, with two of them being fiction. My fourth novel I began in college, but got no further than a title and some initial research. That title was Flight of the Earls. Once graduating I got a job as a journalist and then got swept into the marketing industry where I became a copywriter and started my own agency. Twenty years had gone by without me writing a sentence of fiction when, on a whim, I pitched the idea for Flight of the Earls at a writers conference. Two publishers requested to see the manuscript just on the concept alone…and that’s what returned me to my first love of fiction.

2.       You’ve been involved with both non-fiction and fiction projects. With non-fiction the facts are decided for you, whereas with fiction you get to decide the facts. Is it more satisfying to receive a good response to your non-fiction or fiction projects?

The response you crave most is that people were inspired by your writing, and that can be accomplished with both disciplines. I’ve authored non-fiction for decades and I enjoy it because it’s writing with the skin of the grape peeled back—very direct and effective. However; it’s a unique and revelatory joy to hear your readers converse in a positive way about the characters and plots of your novels because all of this comes from the raw clay of your imagination.

3.       Flight of the Earls is set around a time period that I have not often seen (The Irish Potato Famine) especially from the point of view of the Irish. What led you to use this time period and this point of view?


The Great Potato Famine is the single most important (and tragic) event in Irish history, so that’s what drew me to that era. However; as I began to research and draw storylines for my next two novels in the series it was like an archeologist pulling amazing discoveries from the ground. This time span from 1845-1865 is truly a transformational period in American history and is overflowing with human drama and scintillating plots.

4.       You’ve said in another interview that without having had experience living with four women in your house (your wife and three daughters) you would not have been able to work on the strong female lead, Clare Hanley, like you've been able to today. Do we as the readers see any parts of those women in Clare Hanley’s character?

That’s an interesting question! When I first shared the initial chapters of Flight of the Earls with a critique group early on in the process, the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. However; many of the women complained that I made Clare “too perfect.” I had to go back and “scuff her up” in the subsequent drafts. What I realized was I had originally written Clare as what I saw in my daughters, and most Dads think their girls are perfect. Once I shifted out of that mentality, I was able to create a Clare that was much more well-rounded and believable. But definitely, I think very highly of my wife and daughters and I’m sure Clare represents some of the best of each of them.

  1. It is obvious that your first fiction novel, Flight of the Earls, is getting great response and that people are excitingly anticipating the other two books (In Golden Splendor, July 15th, 2013 and Songs of the Shenandoah, January 1st, 2014) in the series. After the Heirs of Ireland trilogy finishes, are we going to get to see more fiction projects from you in the future?

Yes. I’ve been blessed with some great interest in my writing pursuits following the Heirs of Ireland Series, and my agent and I are sorting through those. Although it’s too early to discuss specifics, God willing, it is safe to say there will be more of my novels coming to a bookshelf near you.

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