Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Book Countdown: An Advent Calendar


Christmas Book Countdown!!!

Hello Bookworms!!

          This is one for all you bookworms with kids! While I was looking at Christmas Ideas, I came across an Idea: The Christmas Book Countdown!! It’s a fun twist on an Advent calendar with books! 


What You’ll Need:

Christmas books

A Box

Wrapping Paper

Labels or a Marker

Here’s How it works:

First, parents should pick out children’s story books that fit the Christmas theme (These can be of a religious nature or not). You can start your countdown at any time, but, for the purposes of this post, we’ll assume that you start the countdown on December 1st.

So, if you start at December 1st, you’ll need 24 books (Remember, you can start at any time meaning if you wanted to start the week before you’d only need seven. You can adjust the Christmas Book Countdown to suit your budget J )!


Next, wrap each of the books in the wrapping paper you chose.


As you wrap, label each of the books with the numbers 1 through 24 using a label you made or just writing the numbers with a marker (careful when using markers that the ink doesn’t bleed through the paper and mark the front of the book).


Now place the wrapped, labeled books into the box or on the shelf you chose making sure that number 24 is the first book and number 1 is the last book.


Each night your child picks up the correct book, unwraps it, and you and the child (or the whole family) reads the story together. As the days go on, the numbers get smaller as Christmas gets closer.


This in a fun way for you and your children to bond as Christmas gets closer and share the joy of books and the Christmas season. Plus it’s an activity that can be done inside where it’s warm. J

Thinking about making your own Christmas Book Countdown?

Here are some links to children’s Christmas books that may help!:


Merry Christmas and Until next time,

                                                          Lizzie <3

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