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Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta

Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta

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          Today I have a new review of the first book in a three book series. Book 1 was published this year and books 2 and 3 are going to be published in 2014. The first book is called Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta.


          Julia’s never had a good father in her life. Her father was an abusive, hatesome man that was an outspoken atheist (which brought much condemnation to his family). Especially from the church. After his death, Julia’s favorite entertainment was to go spend time with her best friend Elizabeth and their favorite pair of brothers, Edward and Henry. Julia’s hope for a happier life came in the form of a secret engagement to Edward…but when her mother caught wind of it, she wasn’t allowed to see him. Julia held hope, however, that her and Edward’s love was strong enough to weather the storm. Besides, they kept in touch through Elizabeth’s letters.

          When Julia’s mother suddenly dies, Julia’s world is thrown into turmoil and she must depend on Elizabeth and her…interesting mother. What Julia did not count on was that everything else in her life would fall apart and the host of colorful, and sinister, characters that will take advantage of her and her friends….Can Julia survive the whirlwind? And what of Edward? Was their love strong enough?


          I enjoyed the Born of Persuasion. It was fast-paced and intriguing thrill-ride through the good, bad, and ugly of society and the imperfect people that inhabited it. I think that most young adults and adults would like it. I must admit that there were twists and turns that I never saw coming in this book and I love that. Its not as much fun to read a book that is always predictable. Predictability is shattered in Jessica Dotta’s writing.

          I will say that there is a fair amount of adult content (nothing graphic) that makes the book mostly suitable for young adults and older. I wouldn’t really give it to a middle school or junior high students or anyone younger than that.

          This book was a wonderful reminder about how Christians should not act when approaching non-Christians. Especially those who have different beliefs from our own. The conflict that Julia faces in connection with the judgmental, condemning, unforgiving attitude of her former parish pastor is something that I think most Christians could learn from. As Beth Moore put it, “In a world of hammers looking for nails, a little gentleness can be breathtaking”.

          This book is an emotional whirlwind. There is anger, fear, passion, tears, joy, and more! I read this book in a hurry (just a few days in a row) and felt like I had been dragged through the emotional wringer! If you are one who gets really emotionally invested in a book, you may want to be prepared to put the book down periodically, shift your focus for a while, and then come back to it.

          This three book series started at a level of intensity that many series’ end. I was actually physically tense while reading the climactic ending! I think this book could give you the adrenaline rush that a good thriller can give! I’m really interested to see to what new levels the next 2 books will be taken! I recommend Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta to all you young adult and adult adrenaline junkie bookworms out there!


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