Monday, March 31, 2014

The Five Orange Pips - By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Hello Bookworms!,

            As you know I am reading through the Sherlock Holmes stories. Since my last post, I have read several more stories and I am ready to continue reviewing starting with The Five Orange Pips from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


            Two generations of men in John Openshaw’s family have been killed. Each time, the man of the house has received an envelope with five orange pips in them. Both men have died by “accidents” that they never saw coming Now John Openshaw received an envelope with five orange pips. There is one request the sender has, but John knows it cannot be fulfilled. Can Sherlock Holmes help Mr. Openshaw find a way to stop the murderers before Openshaw’s number is up?


          Okay, I love it when a mystery story is so well written that it keeps me guessing without adding so many twists and turns that it’s too confusing for a trained spy to follow. I got that with The Five Orange Pips. From the first, I had no clue how this was going to be resolved. As the story went on, rather than having more ideas of how this could work out, every time I thought I had a handle on it, something changed and it kept me guessing! The end came as a total shock to me and I loved it because it was out of the ordinary (that is my favorite thing about the Sherlock Holmes stories, they’re so out of the ordinary!)!! I really recommend that you read this one!


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