Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mysteries May Help Dyslexic Children Enjoy Reading!!

Hello Bookworms,

            For children and adults with dyslexia, reading may not always come up on their list of favorite hobbies. Fortunately, Dyslexia doesn’t have to define you or take away your enjoyment of reading.


On Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, award winning actress and author Octavia Spencer (of The Help & Mom the TV Sitcom) admitted that dyslexia presented her with a challenge when trying  to read growing up. Octavia (I just LOVE that name! Don’t  you?!?! ) told the ladies of The Talk that she struggled to engage with most stories.

            What helped her learn to love reading? MYSTERIES!! Octavia said that mysteries were the stories that actually engaged her and encouraged her to finish the book.

            The Talk guest host Kelly Osborne also admitted to having Dyselxia and credited mysteries with helper her read as well. Kelly said that reading about crimes and investigations were helpful because it was based on seeking facts and once those facts were discovered in the story they remained concrete and there was one aim, solve the crime and that helped her.

            Have a child with Dyslexia? Are they struggling to enjoy reading? Try introducing them to mystery books! It could be the answer to helping them learn to reading!

            Don’t get discouraged if your child doesn’t like the first book they try. Be willing to try different mysteries by different authors because each author has a different writing style and chances are, your child will find one they really love.

            Have you already tried this with your Dyslexic child? What stories did they gravitate towards? Share the titles here and help other parents and Dyslexic children find books that will help their child love reading!!

            Another benefit of reading Mysteries? They introduce your child to deductive reasoning which builds their ability to think and reason in other areas of their lives!


Until next time,

            Elizabeth Gaskins

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