Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Man with the Twisted Lip - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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            I’m back with another of the Sherlock Holmes short stories that I am reading through. This time I want to talk about The Man with the Twisted Lip by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


            A young woman is stressed by the disappearance of her husband. Her husband is an upstanding citizen who loves her dearly, but when she sees him yelling from the window of a street where he shouldn’t be and then he doesn’t come home, the young woman fears the worst. To clear the matter up she has contacted Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock knows of a homeless man who can answer a lot of questions. Can Sherlock find this man and make him talk? Is it too late for the woman’s husband?


            Oh my gosh readers! To read this story right behind The Five Orange Pips was just mind blowing! Once again, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing kept my mind engaged and kept me guessing right up to the end! I think that readers will thoroughly enjoy The Man with the Twisted Lip.
              A word of caution to parents who are helping their children through the Sherlock Holmes stories, know that a large portion of The Man with the Twisted Lip takes place in an opium den and there is quite a bit of talk about people using opium including Sherlock Holmes himself. It may not be one that you want to read to the kiddies just yet.

Links to the books I’m Using:

I am currently using two different published collections of Sherlock Holmes stories. Both of these collections can be found on Amazon for under $10 each. I have described and provided links to each below:
Currently I am reading The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes because they are published as they might have been seen the The Strand with Sidney Paget's original illustrations. You can find that here:
To fill in the gaps of stories that the first book left out, I bought The Complete Sherlock Holmes: a lovely two-volume box set that has all of the short stories and all 4 novels, but no illustrations. You can find it here:


 Either set would be a wonderful addition to your collection of books and with both being so inexpensive, why not get both? ;)


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