Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Illuminated-Matt Bronleewe

Hello Bookworms!
        I just finished a book and I am so stunned by it that I wanted to tell you all about it ASAP! :) The book is called Illuminated by Matt Bronleewe.

     August Adams is a divorced trader of very rare, very expensive, VERY sought after books. One wouldn't think that books could cause a person so much trouble, but they do for August Adams. August is in possession of a Gutenburg Bible and two very vicious groups want it. When August's child, Charlie, his ex-wife, and her mother are put through a series of horrifying situations, August has to race to beat the clock to figure out what Gutenburg was hiding in nine of the illuminations in the Gutenburg Bibles to ensure his family will survive. What August will find is beyond anything he could have imagined.

     I'm sorry bookworms. I really thought this was going to be a great book, but it really wasn't. The whole time I was reading I kept thinking to myself, this could be turned into a movie. I realized that i was thinking that because it was The Da Vinci Code, The Ninth Gate, and National Treasure all thrown together into one book. While the book moves quickly, there are many gruesome killings and injuries that I would not recommend for children or those with a weak stomach to read about. Also, there are several different points of view to follow and 3 different groups to keep straight and since some characters are part of more than one group it can get really confusing. This book also suggests some things about God that are FAR from the truth. I'm sorry guys but I give this book 0 bookmarks. The best part about the book was that I only paid $5 dollars for it.

A note:
    I am happy to say that I got a copy of Alistair Duncan's An Entirely New Country in the mail today as a graduation present from my parents! :) My family has made a contribution to the Undershaw Preservation Trust! With only 6 days left until they go to court to try and save Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's (writer of the Sherlock Holmes Adventures) former home, Undershaw, from being horribly damaged, we hope that you will buy a copy too to help raise funds that the Undershaw Preservation Trust really needs right now! :) Thank you!

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