Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A little St. Patrick's Day Cheer :)

Hello bookworms!
         Saint Patrick's day is approaching! I recently recieved a sweet St.Patrick's/Irish themed box of chocolates in the mail from Mr. Michael K. Reynolds for sigining up for his Author Insider list! How cute! Thank you, Mr. Reynolds!

          Michael K Reynolds has recently released his debut Irish historical fiction novel "Flight of the Earls" and I have to tell you readers it is wonderful! (but more about that later when I bring you the full review ;) ) I enourage you all to grab a copy to help you get into the St. Patrick's day spirit! :)

           Want to become one of Michael K. Reynolds Author Insiders? Here's the link! :

I have several reviews, interviews, and more that I cannot wait to share with you all! Keep an eye out!

Until then,
           Lizzie <3


Anonymous said...

Lovin the whole "Holiday Approcheth" theme!!

Lizzie Gaskins said...

Thank you! :) Erin go Bragh!