Saturday, September 13, 2014

And Furthermore by Dame Judi Dench

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            I have a new book review for you! Today’s book is nonfiction. It is a memoir about the life and career of Dame Judi Dench written by none other than the lady herself Dame Judi Dench (granted she only goes by Judi Dench on the cover but I want to give her the proper respect and add Dame. She’s earned the title J)!


            Have you ever wondered what it was like for actress Dame Judi Dench in her many years as theater and film star? Did you ever see her in a play or movie and wonder what she thought about the role or wish you could see behind the scenes? In “And Furthermore” you get the chance to have your questions answered!


            And Furthermore was an absolute pleasure to read. Dame Judi’s writing style is like having a real conversation with her. As I read I thought to myself, this must be what it would be like to get so sit down to tea and listen to Mrs. Dench tell her story. I loved her stories of the successes and especially the stories of the jokes and pranks shared backstage.

            I love Judi’s honesty as well. She tells you the whole story and is not afraid to tell you what she’s really thinking and yet she does it in a way that doesn’t humiliate or demean. That’s class.

            If you’re a fan of Dame Judi Dench (like I am) this is a wonderful book to find out what roles she may have played that you haven’t gotten to see yet. For me, I tried to make notes on what television programs and movies Dame Judi was in that I didn’t already know about. It’s a perfect cross-reference book as well as she often names her co-stars.

            For aspiring actors and actresses, in the final chapter of the book, Dame Judi gives tips. She tells a little about what she’s learned that works, as well as a little about what routine she uses now to prepare her voice for the stage. Also, Dame Judi mentions that she is honored when young actors ask her questions about how to improve and want to know the answers from her. So, if you are a budding actor or actress and you are ever blessed with the opportunity to ask Dame Judi Dench a question, do.

            I highly recommend And Furthermore to fans of Dame Judi Dench as well as fans of the stage and screen. This book will be a pleasure for you. Also, for those who are looking to learn a little more about acting, this would be a good book for you as well.


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