Saturday, September 6, 2014

Last Bus To Woodstock: An Inspector Morse Mystery by Colin Dexter

Hello Bookworms,

          Recently, I received something wonderful! The entire collection of Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse novels including Morse’s Greatest Case and other Short Stories (a huge thanks to my family for this generous gift!! J They know how much I love PBS’s Endeavor and Inspector Lewis). I’ve already started the set and today I’m going to review the first novel in the series: Last Bus to Woodstock!


          When a woman is found murdered outside of a pub, the case seems pretty normal. All that needs to be done is to find out who killed Sylvia Kaye. But as Inspector Morse and his new partner Sargent Lewis begin to inspect the clues, this case is more twisted that they thought. Rather than narrowing down their list of suspects, it just keeps growing. Morse is really going to have to employ his mind if he’s going to find the killer and close the case.


          This is the first Colin Dexter book that I’ve read. Some of the things I like about it are:

First, it’s the original Inspector Morse. I am one who loves to go back to the original stories if I find I like to television adaptations. I always like to know what qualities the original writer gave the character. What were the original thoughts of the author?

Second, the way Mr. Dexter changed from character to character. There are moments in the book where there are several short paragraphs back to back. This is Colin Dexter’s way of showing you what happening “meanwhile” and giving you the whole picture! I like that!

Finally, the solution. Wow! I will admit I could not see where we were going with the case! Every time I thought I knew who it was, it would change again! In two sentences it all became clear and I had to stifle a massive gasp! You’ll love it!

What didn’t I like?

The case itself. I’m not one to love rape/sex centered cases and unfortunately this was one. And sometimes, the author was WAY too graphic. This isn’t Fifty Shades of Morse’s Suspects it’s an Inspector Morse Mystery. I wouldn’t recommend the first book for younger audiences. Adults, read at your own risk. That was a massive disappointment to me because Colin Dexter is hailed as one of the best but, it wasn’t so bad as to scare me away from all Inspector Morse novels. I’m proceeding with the second and I think it might be better than the first!


Until next time,

                      Lizzie <3


Anonymous said...

The good thing about such novels is their unpredictability. It keeps the reader turning page after page. However, the too much dose of details bore the reader. What do you think?

Lizzie Gaskins said...

I think you're right. I liked that is was unpredictable because I want the book to be clever enough to keep me guessing. I don't like to know the answer in the first few chapters, I want to be challenged.
As for too many details: I do admit, while I like for the writer to really immerse me in the world, I don't love having so many details that we end up hearing about every flower on the side of the road as the character drives haha! There is such a thing as too much detail.
I think where Mr. Dexter gave too much detail was in the sexual parts of the crime. I don't really want to know EVERYTHING they did.