Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flowers Darkly by Gina J. Bentley

Hello Bookworms,

            Today, I will be bringing you a review of the debut novel Flowers Darkly by Gina J. Bentley! This novel was released June 5th, 2015 and I think all you romantic globe trotters out there are going to want to take this book with you on your summer vacation! Here’s why…


            Miri Lewis has a husband, two young daughters, and a demanding career. She’s a good wife, a good mother, and good at her job. But sometimes, Miri isn’t sure if she keeps her priorities straight, especially when it comes to her handsome, British boss, Andrew Kent. When a death occurs in her immediately family on the heels of being offered the career and personal opportunity of a lifetime in Bristol, England, Miri’s world seems to come crashing in around her, What Miri is about to discover is that sometimes tragedy is the catalyst that can bring more than sorrow and that comfort can be found in the unlikeliest of places.


            Flowers Darkly was an initially mysterious and ultimately heart-warming story. With Austenian and Dickensian influences, Mrs. Bentley weaves a tale of love, sorrow, discovery, and dreams. And for all you British obsessed bookworms out there, over half the story takes place in England!!! You’ll just die for the descriptions of the people, the buildings, the places, and the good old English weather!

            Nicholas and Simon were by far my most favorite characters in the book. Nicholas in every ounce the kind, loving English gentleman we’ve all dreamed about. You can practically hear the kindness in his voice and feel the warmth of his embrace as you read. A vicar, Simon reminds me very much of Sidney Chambers of James Runcie and PBS’s Grantchester mystery series. And since I like Sidney Chambers so much, I couldn’t help but love Simon as well. Simon provides smiles and laughter and heartwarming support that will leave you wishing you had a Simon in your life too.

            Flowers Darkly is the perfect story to read on vacation. It takes you around the world and shows you the best side of people while entertaining you all along the way. I highly recommend you read it!

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