Friday, March 16, 2012

Riven By Jerry B. Jenkins

Hello Bookworms!
           This one is a book I read some time ago. My friend came to me with it and expressed to me that she enjoyed it so much I HAD to read it. Since I generally trust her taste in books, I agreed and am so glad that I did!

         An older pastor is feeling like he hasn't got much left to offer. His jobs seem to be dead ends in ministry, his own child does not follow God, and his wife's health isn't good. Now he's starting a new ministry. How will his life change as a result? Only the Lord knows.
         A young man has spent the better part of his life making one mistake after another. Once he ends up in prison on death row, he thinks all his chances are gone. But things are about to change...
          These two men have never met, nor have they even heard of each other. It doesn't seem that either life means anything to the other....Until their paths cross in the most unexpected way...and the most unexpected things begin to happen. What results is one of the most amazing witnessing tool ever seen.

      I willingly admit that this was actually the first book that made me cry openly after reading it! I have never had that reaction before! I will go ahead and state that this book is NOT for children as it does describe such things as drug abuse and some violence that is inappropriate for young people. But this is definitely a must read for adults! Men and women will thoroughly enjoy this book! :) I give it 5 bookmarks!

What's Next?
          The Help By Kathryn Stockett. What I thought of the book and the movie! :)

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