Monday, July 9, 2012

Give a Shoutout to Your Favorite Bookstore!

Hello bookworms,

     In cities all over America and all over the world there are bookstores. I'm not talking about chains like Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble either! There are thousands of small, locally-owned bookstores in big cities and small towns that depend on word-of-mouth advertisement to keep their doors open.

    One of my personal Favorites is Hattie's Books. Hattie's is located in Historic Downtown Brunswick, Ga across from the Ritz Theater. It's a great place to find just what you're looking for! Hattie's sells every genre and their prices are fantastic! When I'm on vacation, I always like to stop by Hattie's Books to see what's new!

Hattie's Books in Historic Downtown Brunswick

Two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet! They run Hattie's Bookstore.

    When you visit the store in Brunswick, don't forget to say hello to the mascot, Scottish Terrier Mr.Wiggles! Mr. Wiggles is friendly and loves children! You'll fall in love with him instantly!

Mr. Wiggles: "Oh How Mr. Wiggles Loves His Books!"

Enough about my favorite bookstore, what about all of you? Do you have a locally owned bookstore that you just love? Then tell everyone! Give your favorite locally-owned bookstore a shoutout in the comments section! :D

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