Monday, July 23, 2012

Norhtanger Abbey by Jane Austen!!

Hello Bookworms!!,
           Its been so long! But I'm back with a new review for all of you! it's another classic, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen!

Catherine is ready to see more of life than her family’s farm. When an opportunity to travel with family friends presents itself, she is thrilled to take it. While in Bath, Catherine meets Isabella. Isabella is smooth, confident, and beautiful...and engaged to Catherine’s brother. However, Isabella lacks the art of conversing over anything of substance unlike Ms. Tilney. Ms. Tilney is smart, beautiful, and excellent company. Catherine meets Ms. Tilney through Mr. Tilney, Ms. Tilney’s tall, good-looking brother. As they bond, Catherine’s friendship with Isabella becomes strained. When Catherine visits the Tilney’s at their home, Northanger Abbey, a discovery is made about Isabella and the Tilney family and shortly after Catherine is ejected from the house with no explanation as to why. What has Isabella done? Why was Catherine thrown out of Northanger Abbey? And What about Mr. Tilney? Catherine was hoping that something was blossoming between them…is all hope for that over now?


I really enjoyed Northanger Abbey. As you may know by now I am a big fan of Jane Austen and am slowly working my way through all 6 of her major novels. Northanger Abbey is definitely worth your time. There are twists and turns from beginning to end with every character that keep you guessing right down to the last page. This book that takes place in just over a year’s time is one of the most eventful year’s any young woman could live through. You don’t want to miss out on reading a day of it! I give Northanger Abbey 5 bookmarks and I hope that you will read it very soon!

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