Saturday, September 7, 2013

And Only To Decieve by Tasha Alexander

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          I did a LOT of reading over this past summer and today I have a brand new review for you!  This suspense novel is sure to keep you guessing! Its “And Only To Deceive” by Tasha Alexander!


          Lady Emily Ashton was only married for a few months when her husband Lord Phillip Ashton died on a hunting trip in Africa. Suddenly confronted with new freedom and now in possession of the huge Ashton fortune, Emily hardly knows what to do with herself. After all, she only married Phillip to escape her overly critical mother. Now she must mourn a man that she barely knew and pretend to all his family and friends that they were the happiest and most intimate of couples. As Lady Ashton explores the diaries of her late husband, she falls in love with the man he was. But was Phillip Ashton really the man he made himself out to be in his journals? Something isn’t right. And how many of his friends know the truth?  Lady Ashton’s quest for the truth will take her all over the world, from the highest circles of society to the darkest depths of society’s seedy underbelly.

                I must admit that I was concerned when I picked up this book. I had found it pretty cheap in a used book store and I didn’t know anything about author Tasha Alexander’s writing. This was my first experience reading her writing. I was amazed! From the first few words, I was completely hooked on the story of Lady Emily Ashton! And it just got better and better as I continued to read! All of Mrs. Alexander’s colorful characters and the masterful way she weaves a story of intrigue and suspense will capture your attention. This is a book that you can expect to pick up and say “I’ll take a few minutes and read a page or two” and realize hours later that you’ve read several chapters! It’s just that good! I don’t want to say anything else about the plot or the story because there are so many twists and important details throughout the book from beginning to end that I’m afraid I’ll give something away! So I’ll just end with this: I highly recommend this book to everyone! You will love it! Go out and get a copy, give a copy as a gift, recommend it to your friends! It’s that good!


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