Monday, September 16, 2013

Some Buried Ceaser by Rex Stout

Hello Bookworms!

            Today I have a wonderful murder mystery for you from the Famed Nero Wolfe Mysteries! This Mystery is called “Some Buried Ceaser”!

       Hickory Ceaser Grindon is a prized champion bull. Everyone believes that the bull’s current owner paid too much for the bull but the owner is determined to do something shocking to matter the cost. He plans to barbeque the prized bull and invite some of the most affluent people in the community to come out and share in the meal. When the son of the owner’s rival is found dead inside the fence and Ceaser is seen with blood on his horns, the police come to the obvious conclusion that the boy was killed by the bull, but Detective Nero Wolfe thinks otherwise. But can he prove it? As Wolfe and his faithful employee Archie Goodwin investigate, they will find that murder isn’t the only shocker in this story…


            This summer has been a summer of firsts in literature for me. This was the first Nero Wolfe I had read! I must say that I truly enjoyed it! Many times while reading a book I am able to get some idea of how things may turn out, so when an author can surprise me, I love it! I have to admit that I couldn’t figure out how the story was going to turn out and then one of the final twists totally caught me off guard! I highly recommend “Some Buried Ceaser” by Rex Stout to mystery lovers everywhere!


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