Monday, June 11, 2012

A Matter of Class- Mary Balogh

Hello bookworms!
     I have a book for you today that sounds great but once you delve into its pages you may wish that you had left it on the shelf. The book is A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh.


            A young man is from a rich family. The only problem is that they are “new money”. This means that the “old money” families do not really accept he and his father which bothers his father very much. A young woman is from one of these old money families and has recently had her reputation ruined. Seeing it as an opportunity, the young man’s father betrothes his son to the young lady. Both are resentful of the match, but not everything is as it seems with this young couple. As their story unfolds, something happens that neither family saw coming.


            This book had GREAT potential. The plot was wonderful and the final twist was a complete shock! Unfortunately, there are some things that cause me not to recommend this book as a read. First, there is a character in the book that we as the read hear some of his thoughts about a 12 year old girl that are extremely inappropriate. It’s very much like looking into the mind of a pedophile. And it’s not really necessary to the story. Second, there is a sex scene that is so graphic that it borders on pornography. I’m afraid that since the book is so short, these issues plus other suggestive events make the book not worth reading. I give it 0 bookmarks based on all the unnecessary scenes and statements that are made. I’m sorry to have to say that I do not recommend this book to ANYONE.

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