Monday, June 4, 2012

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

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     I have a classic I want to review today! Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen!

                The Dashwood women have recently lost their husband and father, Mr. Dashwood, and are now forced to move to a new home since Mr. Dashwood’s son, Mr. John Dashwood, and his wife, Fanny, are about to move into the house. However, before they move, the eldest daughter, Ms. Elinor Dashwood, forms an attatchment to Fanny’s brother, the sweet but somewhat bumbling, Mr. Edward Ferrars. Fanny makes it perfectly clear that Elinor is beneath Edward and therefore a match between them will not be suitable causing the Dashwood’s to make haste and move into a cottage near Barton Park that was given to the by Barton’s owner, their cousin, Sir John Middleton.  While at their new home, the second eldest daughter, Miss Maryanne Dashwood, meets a dashing, charming stranger named Mr. John Wiloughby. It would seem as though the ever romantic Maryanne has found her true love in Mr. Wiloughby, and to everyone else it seems as though Wiloughby feels the same. When the sudden news comes that Wilougby, after a long absence, is engaged to another woman, Maryannne is crushed. Losing the will to go on, Maryanne’s trials of love will soon become a matter of life and death and it will be put on Elinor’s shoudlers to bear up under  it all. What will become of Maryanne and Elinor? Will Maryanne ever recover from the heartbreak? Will Elinor and Edward remain divided forever?  Can Elinor bear up under the weight of caring for her sister’s heartbreak while still recovering from her own? Find out in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility!

                I can honestly say that I LOVED reading this book! The tale of the Dashwood women kept me riveted to my seat! In typical Jane Austen fashion, there are times when the descriptions  of people, places, and things can be a bit much but the plot lacks nothing! You will truly enjoy this book! I recommend it as a book to read for sure. I also give it 5 bookmarks!

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                As with many classic books there are several movie versions, but the movies never keep all the details the same. The one that comes the closest that I have seen is the version from BBC Video (Featuring Dan Steven’s of Masterpiece Classic’s Downton Abbey as Edward Ferrars) that recently aired on PBS. One of the most popular versions and another personal favorite of mine is the version in which the screenplay was written by Emma Thompson (Who also played Elinor Dashwood in the movie). I would recommend watching either of those versions as they are both wonderful!

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