Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blasts From The Past! Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte!

Hello Readers,
     So my latest Blast From the Past is also a SUMMER 2011 PICK! What book am I talking about? Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte!

The Summary:
       Young Governess Jane Eyre is happy to teach her new pupil, a little french girl, and to be making money to suppprt herself. The house she lives in, owned by her employer, is comfortable...enough. But who is it that keeps releasing dreadful cackling laughs and fearsome shrieks during the night? Is it odd, frightening Grace Pool who is constantly taking alcohol from her master's stores? Or is it something else?

The Review
      I picked this book because it has much of what I love in a book! It is a love story as well as a mystery! This fast-paced adventure/mystery/love story has something for everyone and I give it 5 Bookmarks! This is definitely the classic to read this summer!

A Note:
     It can sometimes be hard to find versions of Jane Eyre that are not abridged. However, Books-A-Million does carry unabridged versions. Ask at the front counter for help. There are also children's versions that leave out details that may be boring to children. I would not, however, recommend these for adults who want the full story. Some of these books are subject to leave out not only details, but entire characters.

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