Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blasts From The Past!! The Shack by William Young!

Hello Bookworms!
     This is another Blast From the Past!

The Summary,
             When a man's daughter is kidnapped by the Ladybug Killer his whole world is crushed. His family is falling apart and he has checked out of life. One day when he gets a strange message from someone who identifies himself as "Papa", he takes a short journey back to a tiny, run down shack. What happens next is supernatural!

The Review
      I LOVED this book! William Young has done a magnificent job of writing about God and the way He sees us! If you have not read this book, YOU SHOULD! I and my family loved it so much we bought it and gave it to every person we could think of that Christmas and have recomended it to that many more!! I DEFINITELY give it 5 bookmarks!!

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